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Truth & Beauty: A Breathtaking Modern Sculpture


Truth & Beauty captures a moment of radical self-acceptance, the essence of a woman when she is safe to express herself fully.

About this project

Truth & Beauty will be an unabashedly breathtaking modern sculpture in structure and balance. Standing on her tiptoes, arms outstretched and head thrown back, Truth & Beauty expresses a moment of radical self-acceptance and love, the essence of a woman when she is safe and welcome to express herself fully. Conveying this notion has been the focus of my work as a sculptor for the past 25 years. My name is Marco Cochrane, and I am fully committed to breaking the pattern in which men (and women alike) often appear blind to the true, magnificent nature of women. My models and I collaborate to capture a moment in which they are truly expressing themselves.

Standing 55 feet tall and weighing 7,000 pounds, Truth & Beauty will be constructed using:

• 25,000 feet of steel rod and pipe;

• 6,500 steel ball connection points;

• 1,500 square feet of stainless steel mesh; and

• 55,000 single welds.

One thousand individual multi-colored LED lights will be distributed throughout her body. These lights will be controlled by a custom iPad application to create a spectacular light show that will enhance and expand the visual experience. Please follow our build on Facebook: