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BEGINNING WELDING CLASS: July 13th and August 10th, 9am-4pm. $150 per person & $135 for METAL GUILD members. 6 spots available.

Call Scout Handford (Instructor) to reserve your space 916.832.8535 –

• Includes materials and safety gear (wear long sleeves, jeans and boots)
• Learn safety and use of steel for metal art and sculpture
• Practice using the torch and welders
• Learn basic techniques for welding and sanding


Please drop off at the TEMP gallery 1616 del paso blvd. ~ sacramento design district

7′ dress made out of silverware by Molly Brown

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Valley Sculpture Artist’s 2012 Show featured

Second Saturday Reception at the BLUE MOON Gallery

Sacramento Metal Artists including: Molly Brown, Chris Fizz, Patty Paige Short, Kristen Hoard, Jarrod Mays, Chuck Sullivan, Ron Atnanacia, Vern Pisanelli, Anne Bradley, Kanika Marshall and many more!!

2353 Albatross Way, Sacramento, CA 95815, (916) 920-2444

Blue Moon Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday noon – 5 pm

Sac Metal Guild Meeting will not be at the studio on Thursday. We will be at the ribbon cutting for the R Street Corridor 4pm next to the Fox and Goose! Come check it out!! Many new metal sculptures from Sacramento artists just installed.

Gina Rossi's New Dragon Bike Rack on R street

On Thursday, January 19th the City of Sacramento, the Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA), and the property and business owners of R Street will celebrate the completion of the R Street Streetscape Improvements Project.  In order to commemorate this transformative project, a lighting ceremony to officially turn on the new R Street Archway will take place at 10th and R Streets.

The event will begins at 4:00 PM with a reception highlighting the number of improvements and new amenities constructed as part of the project.  The improvements include: new sidewalks, a concrete roadway, designated on-street parking, crosswalks, bulb-outs, streetlights for pedestrians, preservation of historic rail tracks, new drainage, public art, archways, bike racks and benches.  The new art and bike racks will be spotlighted at the event along with the artists that created them.  Additionally, representatives of the City of Sacramento, CADA, the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, and the R Street Stakeholders will be on hand to speak about the project.

This event is open to the public.

So, You want to do some TIG Welding? Sign up early, this class will fill quickly!


Are you ready for the next exciting chapter in your art and hobby or career? You can take it to the next level by learning how to join stainless steel in a clean and precise manor. Beginner to intermediate class with no experience required. You will be able to baffle your friends with your amazing welding skills after taking this class! Just remember that you may need some practice, but this 1 day seminar will give you the skills and information that you need in order to excel!

The class is $250 – includes all materials and lunch.

You will need to wear long sleeves, closed toed shoes, and long pants. Your clothing should be 100% cotton.

The class will be held on February 4th from 9:00 am – 3:00 p.m.

There will be 2 instructors, as well as 2 welding stations, and a small class size of 4-6 people. The small class size will ensure plenty of welding time for every student.

We will cover technique, theory, and hands on practice. This should be a fun and dynamic class!

Tig Welding Class

The Fire Spectacular – Looking for VENDORS!!
Looking for VENDORS!! The Fire Spectacular event page. All information regarding the Fire Spectacular Events put on by Obsidian Butterfly. Festival Celebrating Fire Dance, music, and art held
SacMetal Arts Guild ‎$65 booth rate to anyone that hears about it through the Sac Metal Guild until the end of July. Just put the metal guild name on your application.
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Scout Handford and Joshua Kaiser’s Recycled Metal Sculpture displayed at the California State Fair July 14th – 31st, 2011. Please contact Molly Brown ( for purchase information.

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Award Winning YQQ-91 was created by Scout Handford and Joshua Kaiser using recycled steel.
Our concept for the piece began with the broad idea of how each person affects their environment.  After in depth discussions about what this idea meant to each of us, we agreed that every person could take away a different meaning from the art work.  With diverse ideas in mind, we created an organic infill structure to bridge the more static and geometric cross section of the sculpture with the intention of demonstrating that different ideas and philosophies can be bridged.  As artists, our personal ideas about creating are almost identical.  We both believe that the art should speak for itself.  The viewer should not be led in to the piece with a title that might pre-dispose them to think of the sculpture in a certain way.  Instead the viewer should be presented with a form that speaks for itself.  We believe the art piece is the title, and it makes a statement about the footprint of each individual.
The process for constructing YQQ-91 was rather involved.  First a simple hand drawn sketch was created to define the shape. The sketch was then refined using a two dimensional computer drawing program.  Next, the recycled metal was organized in order to assess the sizes and shapes of material that were available to build the internal structure.  After the metal was sorted, the pieces were drawn into the two dimensional form so that measurements and cuts could be calculated and an internal “spine” could be fabricated.  After the creation of the spine was complete, a temporary frame was created to hold all of the edge pieces in place.  The framing for the infill panels was created using traditional blacksmithing techniques with a gas forge, hammers, and an anvil.  Finally, the infill panels were drawn by hand, plasma cut, and welded to the internal structure.  This process is different than traditional methods because it uses a combination of computer and manual calculations in order to create the basic form.  The basic form is expanded in to a truly unique creation due to the fact that the handmade forms and cutting are organic and random in nature.  The different techniques come together to form an amazing structure that is appealing to the eye and entices the mind to constantly search for new shapes in the infill areas.
As artists, we enjoy many different aspects of this sculpture.  The beauty and grace of the curvature is luring and exotic, while the tapered tip looms eerily above the viewer’s head.  The shape of the curvature in conjunction with the varying shapes draws the viewer’s eye to the tip then recycles the intention with the presence of an interesting footprint that starts the viewing cycle over again.  Our intent to keep any viewer interested in this piece was furthered by designing the pointed tip to be slightly above the viewer’s head.  The placement was intended to define a space and cause a reaction from the viewer to an inanimate object.  The creation and execution of this collaboration has affected us both immensely in a positive way.  During this artistic journey we grew to appreciate the presence and input of each other’s ideas.  The acknowledgement of how others react and affect the environment that we all share was one of many important lessons that we vlearned while creating this piece.  We hope that viewers are able to feel the energy and intensity that was required to complete this piece, and we hope that the sculpture moves people who view it in the same manner as we were moved to create it.
“YQQ91 is the mysterious title of a towering slender wave made of recycled steel by Scout Handford and Joshua Kaiser of Sacramento. It’s an elegantly simple piece.” ~ The Sacramento Bee

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