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CALL TO ARTISTS!! Little Relics Boutique (908 21st st.) is looking for artists to display work in 2014. Please email
Please email your portfolio and artist statement for review.


June 18th, 4-10pm
Partnered with the Sacramento Artist Council & Valley Sculpture Artists.

CALL TO ARTISTS: We have an Art Fundraiser coming up June 18th. Looking for artists to sell and demo their art. Booths are free!

Truth & Beauty: A Breathtaking Modern Sculpture


Truth & Beauty captures a moment of radical self-acceptance, the essence of a woman when she is safe to express herself fully.

About this project

Truth & Beauty will be an unabashedly breathtaking modern sculpture in structure and balance. Standing on her tiptoes, arms outstretched and head thrown back, Truth & Beauty expresses a moment of radical self-acceptance and love, the essence of a woman when she is safe and welcome to express herself fully. Conveying this notion has been the focus of my work as a sculptor for the past 25 years. My name is Marco Cochrane, and I am fully committed to breaking the pattern in which men (and women alike) often appear blind to the true, magnificent nature of women. My models and I collaborate to capture a moment in which they are truly expressing themselves.

Standing 55 feet tall and weighing 7,000 pounds, Truth & Beauty will be constructed using:

• 25,000 feet of steel rod and pipe;

• 6,500 steel ball connection points;

• 1,500 square feet of stainless steel mesh; and

• 55,000 single welds.

One thousand individual multi-colored LED lights will be distributed throughout her body. These lights will be controlled by a custom iPad application to create a spectacular light show that will enhance and expand the visual experience. Please follow our build on Facebook:

Request for Qualifications & Proposals
Traffic Signal Box Painting
Fallon, Nevada

Deadline for Submission: Materials Must Be Received
by 5:00 PM May 2, 2011 (late applications will not be considered).

Eligibility: Open to professional artists in the western United States.
Project: This is a project of the City of Fallon in cooperation with the Churchill Arts Council, which seeks to provide visual enhancement to the City’s traffic signal boxes. We seek to provide improvements to the aesthetics of the City of Fallon—transforming mundane infrastructural elements into appropriate public artworks that enhance and celebrate the local environment.
The project will involve painting two-dimensional renderings on up to ten (10) traffic signal utility boxes at a fee of up to $1,000 per utility box.
The artist(s) selected for this project will work closely with agencies of the City of Fallon and the Selection Committee to design and paint utility boxes in the City of Fallon. Goals of the project include: increasing public awareness of art all around us; broadening viewers’ perspectives of public spaces within the City; and fostering a sense of place in and around the Community.
Preference will be given to designs that emphasize color and form, use the illusion of three-dimensional space, are aesthetically pleasing and relate well to the site(s) in which they will implemented. Black and dark colors are discouraged due to the risk of overheating the signal boxes. Materials, colors used and visual content are subject to the approval of both the Selection Committee and the City of Fallon
Criteria: Artists should have previous experience creating art for public places and will be required to work collaboratively with the Committee and agencies of the City of Fallon as noted above.

Budget: The budget is up to $1,000 per traffic signal box which is inclusive of artist’s fees and all materials and supplies necessary for implementation of the proposal.

Submission Requirements:

• Current resume detailing professional previous public art experience, artistic accomplishments and references, including awards if applicable.

• High resolution images on CD (min. 10, max. 20). Images must be numbered and labeled on an accompanying list. This should include title, media, size, date, location, description of work and, if appropriate, related budget information.

• Project Approach (including provisions for maintenance) should be limited to one page, typewritten, with artist’s name, phone and return address.

• An itemized budget including all fees, materials and supplies.

• Self-Addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage for the return of application materials.

Application Information:
Valerie Serpa
Churchill Arts Council

Submittal Address:
Valerie Swirczek
City of Fallon
55 W. Williams Ave, Fallon, NV 89406

Selection Process:  The artist selection committee shall consist Rachel Dahl, Councilwoman, City of Fallon; Valerie Serpa, Executive Director, Churchill Arts Council and Christine Fey, Arts & Culture Manger, City of Reno.
Rights and Responsibilities:  The City of Fallon reserves the right to decline any and all submissions or cancel this Request for Qualifications at any time.  The completed artworks shall be owned by the City of Fallon.

Become one of our featured artists. Send us a short bio, photos of yourself with your artwork and metal arts studio. Get exposure!! email:

Metal Art by Molly Brown, Sacramento CA


Molly Brown
“Mixed Messages”
I am a modern contemporary artist with many new creative and innovative ideas. I have always been drawn to the creation of art and began designing at a young age. Throughout college, I started out as an apprentice to an interior designer. Paint chips and fabrics were my world. Midway through school I was drawn to graphic design. I received a degree in Graphic Design and went on to start my own business ( creating business identity systems. My true passion in life is creating art and I continue to take classes to enhance my skills. As a painter, I really enjoy bold colors with abstract/geometric shapes. Some of these paintings are non-objective and come alive with color and shape.
By experimenting with new mediums, my artwork has evolved to include: clay, photography, digital art, and metal sculptures. Now I find that mixing mediums (collaging) is irresistible. Mixing steel, with stainless steel, and copper, or digital art with paintings and photography creates opportunities for endless design possibilities.
My clay and metal sculptures are usually abstract with a whimsical twist. I especially love arts that require my hands getting dirty because I enjoy bonding with the materials, and want that joy to pass through the artwork to my viewers.
Art creates a healthy atmosphere in my life and balances the hectic emotions of every day living.
Co-founder of the Sacramento Metal Arts Guild